Why Graduate School?
A seminar for ECON students
at the College of Charleston

Friday, March 21, 2014
Beatty 220

You can download the seminar information sheet here.

On this page you can find additional information on grad school. If you're seriously interested in graduate school, you need to plan ahead.
For more information, go see your favorite economics professor for more advice. If you have any questions about anything on this webpage, please email Doug Walker.

Economics majors and graduate school admissions tests

Here's information on the new, revised GRE.
LSAT scores by college major
GMAT scores by undergraduate major

Should you go?

Go to the links in Bill Craighead's article from the seminar handout...
Also look at Davidson College's webpage on grad school.

More to consider before deciding whether to go...

   "Who wants to be a Ph.D.?", by Sandra Ceraulo.
   "Why aspiring economists need math", by Greg Mankiw
   [Also see Mankiw's blog on grad school: "Advice for aspiring economists"]

Surviving once you're there

   Mankiw's "Advice for Grad Students"
   Marginal Revolution.
   "How to be a good graduate student", by Deirdre McCloskey. Eastern Economic Journal 26(4): 487-490. Fall 2000.
   "'Little think' economics: Is that all there is?", by David Colander. Eastern Economic Journal 30(2): 333-335. Spring 2004.
   "How to survive your first year of graduate school in economics", by Matthew Pearson (U.C. Davis). November 2005.

Careers using a graduate degree in economics?

   "What do academic economists contribute?", by Daniel Klein. USA Today magazine, March 2000.
   [More will be added later...]

Thinking about law school?
An economics undergraduate degree is excellent prep.

   (See the article on LSAT scores by undergraduate major.)
   "An economist reflects on law", by Donald Boudreaux. Ideas on Liberty, April 2002, pp. 53-54.
   "JD vs PhD: My story", by Greg Mankiw.