ECON 317, Microeconomic Analysis  

Fall 2017
Tu,Th 9:25-10:40
Dr. Walker

Syllabus (fall 2017)

The Midterm Exam is scheduled for
Tues., Oct. 24. It will cover B&Z, chaps.
1-6, the Lancaster model (lecture only), and
the lecture on and paper from Zeelenberg
(link to the right).

The exam will include multiple choice and
graphical problems. The Thaler book is not
explicitly covered, but I may ask you some
general questions about it.

Problem Set # 1

Problem Set #2 | Problem Set #2 (with 2 minor revisions highlighted) * Solutions *

Notes on Income & Substitution Effects

Gas Tax-Rebate Program Graph

Regressions:  Class size | Save the business shows

M. Zeelenberg, "Anticipated Regret..."