ECON 200, Principles of Microeconomics
College of Charleston | Dr. Walker
Spring 2020

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Last updated on 2/18/20.

If you are using Mateer & Coppock or Mankiw as your main text, click here for the reading assignments.

Lectures  (Walker book sections) Crash Course
Hazlitt Videos &
Other Materials
A. Overview of economic analysis
(skip pp. 2-5)
#1   Intro; Ch. 1-3
(skip section on GE, pp. 29-31)
Ch. 1-3 Rotfeld, Libraries, learning, and dirty sandals
Williams, Economic lunacy
Appendix A. Economics and the "big picture" #3 | #5 Heyne, Why does Johnny so rarely learn any economics
Hate corporations and love governments...
Stapleton, You're afraid of power, not Trump
B. Specialization and trade #2 Ch. 5 Ch. 7, 8 John Oliver, Trade
practice problems, Ricardian trade model
Landsburg, An outsourcing fable
Landsburg, The new racists
Sullum, Trump says, "If we didn't have trade..."
     QUIZ 1
Date: Thurs., Jan. 30
Coverage:  lectures A, Appendix A, B
Weight:  40 pts.
Preface to C, D, & E. Notation key
C. Marginal cost and supply
Appendix C. Cost curves & supply #24 Company profit survey
D. Marginal benefit and demand #18 (0:00-8:30)
E. Markets and price determination #4
     Exam 1
Date:  Tues., Feb. 25
Coverage:  lectures A-E
Weight:  100 pts.
F. Markets and economic efficiency #19 Ch. 4, 8 Ch. 14, 15, 22 Stossel, Sweden is NOT socialist
Stossel, Venezuela IS socialism
(optional) John Oliver, Venezuela
Williams, Socialist promises
Williams, Caring vs. uncaring
G. Government price controls
[read all for "online" class  on Mar. 12]
practice problems
#20 Ch. 16-19 Stossel, Rent controls
Stossel, On Trump's trade policies
Williams, Basic economics
Stossel, In praise of price gouging
H. Elasticity #18 (8:30-11:00) Ch. 10 Stossel, Legal weed so far Williams, Drugs, economics & liberty
MSNBC: Global war on drugs has failed
Williams, Marijuana, mental illness, and crime
I. Excise taxes and deadweight losses Ch. 7
J. International trade policy #15 Ch. 21 Ch. 10-12 (optional) International Trade Commission tariff search Chapman, Trump tariffs are not about...
Bastiat, A petition
Krugman, In praise of cheap labor
     Exam 2
Date: TBA
Coverage:  lectures F-J
Weight:  100 pts.
K. Market failures #21 Ch. 9, 14 Stossel, Thanksgiving
Stossel, Enough crony capitalism!
The Economist, State and Market
Stossel, The busybodies are at it again
L. The U.S. tax system & alternatives Stossel, Tax myths Williams, Plunder, an American way of life
M. Political economy / other topics Ch, 6, 12, 15-17 Ch. 25 Stossel, Damnable pork
Reese, 545 people responsible for US woes
     Quiz 2
Date:  Tuesday, April 21
Coverage:  lectures K-M
Weight:  60 pts.
     Final Exam
Date:  Saturday, April 25, 9:15-10:45
Coverage:  comprehensive - covers all lecture material (left-most column); does NOT cover Landsburg, Hazlitt, "videos & other materials" or "misc. readings"
Weight:  100 pts.