ECON 200, Principles of Microeconomics
College of Charleston
Spring 2017 | Doug Walker

** Everything on this page is subject to change. Exam dates will be announced in class and listed here when determined. Last updated: 3/27/17.**

Walker book sections
(lecture topics)

Mankiw, 6th ed.
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Miller, Other Book Chapters,
Video Programs & 
Other Materials

Miscellaneous Readings

A. Overview of Economics

Ch. 1,2;
App. to Ch. 2
Landsburg, Introduction,
The Power of Incentives

Hazlitt, The Lesson & The Broken Window
Miller, Ch. 1, 3

Rotfeld: Libraries, Learning, and Dirty Sandals
Williams: Economic Lunacy
Stossel: Why Are Politicians So Ignorant...?

B. Specialization and Trade

Ch. 3

Landsburg: An Outsourcing Fable
Landsburg: The New Racism
Horwitz: Why Trump and Sanders See Losers...

C. Marginal Cost and Supply

Ch. 4,
pp. 65-67; 73-76
Appendix C. Cost curves & Supply
Ch. 14
Company Profit Survey
D. Marginal Benefit and Demand
Ch. 4, pp. 67-72
E. Markets and Price Determination
Ch. 4, pp. 77-84
EXAM 1:  Thursday, February 16
Covers lectures A-E, and related material

F. Markets and Economic Efficiency

Ch. 7
Hazlitt, How the Price System WorksThe Function of Profits
Miller, Ch. 2, 4, 9, 19

Williams: Capitalism and the Common Man
Williams: Caring vs. Uncaring

G. Government Price Controls

Ch. 6, pp. 111-121
Miller, Ch. 11, 14, 23

SC 2011 wholesale gas price cap bill
Williams: Basic Economics
Stossel: In Praise of Price Gouging

H. Elasticity
Ch. 5
Miller, Ch. 7

Stossel, The War on Drugs
Norml (FYI): Medical marijuana state map
CO receipt showing taxes

I. Excise Taxes and Deadweight Losses

Ch. 6, pp 121-128;
Ch. 8

J. International Trade Policy

Ch. 9
Lansburg, The Iowa Car Crop
Intl Trade Commission tariff search
Miller, Ch. 30, 31

Bastiat: A Petition
Krugman: In Praise of Cheap Labor
Williams: Trade Deficit Nonsense

EXAM 2:  Tuesday, April 4
Covers lectures F-J, and related material

K. Market Failures

Ch. 10,11
Miller, Ch. 5, 6, 25, 

The Economist: State and Market
Stossel: The Busybodies are at it Again

L. The U.S. Tax System & Alternatives Ch. 12 Miller, Ch. 15 NTUF, Cost of tax code compliance
M. Political Economy / Other Topics  

ABC Nightline:  Venezuela crumbling...
Stossel: Damnable Pork
Reese: 545 People Responsible for U.S. Woes
Heyne: Why Does Johnny So Rarely Learn Econ?

EXAM 3:  Tuesday, April 25
Covers lectures K-M, and related material
FINAL EXAM:  Thursday, May 4, 9:30-11:00
Covers all lecture material only
(Walker/Mankiw - material discussed in the left two columns of the course outline)