ECON 200, Principles of Microeconomics
College of Charleston
Fall 2018 | Doug Walker

** Everything on this page is subject to change. Exam dates will be announced in class and listed here when determined. Last updated: 11/13.**

If you are using Mateer & Coppock or Mankiw as your main text, click here for the reading assignments for each lecture.

(Walker book sections)

Crash Course Economics


Videos & 
Other Materials

Miscellaneous Readings

A. Overview of Economic Analysis


Intro; 1-3
(skip section on GE, pp. 29-31)

Ch. 1-3
Optional: Stick-figure and Crash Course info  on mortgage crisis

Rotfeld: Libraries, Learning, and Dirty Sandals
Williams: Economic Lunacy
Stossel: Why Are Politicians So Ignorant...?

Appendix A. Economics and the "Big Picture" #3 | #5 Heyne: Why Does Johnny So Rarely Learn Any Econ?
Higgs:  Hate Corporations and Love Governments - an Idealogical Monstrosity
Stapleton:  You're Afraid of Power, Not Trump

B. Specialization and Trade


Ch. 5

Ch. 7, 8
John Oliver: Trade

Landsburg: An Outsourcing Fable
Landsburg: The New Racists

Sullum: "If we didn't have trade..."

Preface to C, D, & E. Notation Key

C. Marginal Cost and Supply

Appendix C. Cost curves & Supply

Company Profit Survey
D. Marginal Benefit and Demand

E. Markets and Price Determination


EXAM 1:  Tuesday, October 9
Covers all lectures (A-E)

F. Markets and Economic Efficiency


Ch. 4,8

Ch. 14, 15, 22

Williams: Capitalism and the Common Man
Williams: Caring vs. Uncaring

G. Government Price Controls


Ch. 16-19
Stossel: Rent Controls
Stossel: Ag Subsidies

Williams: Basic Economics
Stossel: In Praise of Price Gouging

H. Elasticity

Ch. 10
Stossel: Illegal Everything (segment on drugs, 28:00-35:00)

Williams: Drugs, Economics & Liberty
MSNBC: Global War on Drugs Has Failed
FYI: Medical marijuana state map

I. Excise Taxes and Deadweight Losses

Ch. 7

J. International Trade Policy


Ch. 21

Ch. 10-12
[not required for Exam 2]
Intl Trade Commission tariff search

Chapman: Trump Tariffs are Not About...  [link now works!]
Bastiat: A Petition
Krugman: In Praise of Cheap Labor
Williams: Trade Deficit Nonsense

EXAM 2:  Thursday, November 15
Covers lectures since Exam 1 (F-J)

K. Market Failures


Ch. 9, 14

Stossel: Thanksgiving

The Economist: State and Market
Stossel: The Busybodies are at it Again

L . The U.S. Tax System & Alternatives 

Ch. 4, 5 NTUF, Cost of tax code compliance
Rand Paul, ...on the Senate tax bill
M. Political Economy / Other Topics 
[No lecture, but reading]
Ch. 6, 12, 15-17
 Ch. 25

Stossel: Damnable Pork
Reese: 545 People Responsible for U.S. Woes

EXAM 3: Thursday, November 29 (++MAY CHANGE, AS ANNOUNCED IN CLASS.++)

Covers all lectures (K-M)

FINAL EXAM:  Thursday, December 6, 9:30-11:00am, Beatty 115
[Please come to the classroom between 9:00 and 9:30 to complete the teaching evaluation for the course.]

Final Exam is comprehensive, covering everything from the lecture material.
It excludes Hazlitt, Landsburg, videos, and "miscellaneous readings".