ECON 200, Principles of Microeconomics

Spring 2018
Tu,Th 9:25-10:40
Dr. Walker

Syllabus (spring 2018)

Order books
        Walker (Amazon)
  OR  Mateer & Coppock (Amazon)
  OR  Mankiw (Amazon)
  AND   Landsburg (Amazon)
  AND   Hazlitt (Amazon)
Course outline

   Lecture A, Appendix to A, from Walker book
   Costs of Protectionism (from Lecture J)

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Grade Postings
   Exam 1 |  Exam 2  |  Exam 3  |  Final Exam
During March 5-9, you will have opportunities for extra credit
by attending talk(s) during "Adam Smith Week". Earn 2 pts. for attending each lecture (up to 3 lectures on Mon, Tues, and Wed). 

To get credit, you must (1) sign in using the online survey provided at the talk, and (2) submit a short summary (1 page max, typed) in class on Thurs., March 8, for each talk. Late summaries are not accepted.