I am a professor in the Department of Economics at the College of Charleston, where I've taught since 2007. My primary research interest is on the economic and social impacts of gambling, particularly U.S. casino gambling. I'm regarded as one of the top experts in the world on this issue, which I've been studying since 1995. I have published two books and more than 50 articles and book chapters on the socioeconomic impacts of gambling.
my sabbatical in fall 2014 I was a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance's Division on Addiction, where I began to study "responsible gambling." During 2018-19 I was appointed as a Research Fellow at the UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation.
     Outside of academics I have served as an advisor or consultant for a variety of industry groups, state governments, and consulting firms. 

Research & Consulting

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Casinonomics Consulting


   selected research project abstracts

   - Is a Clustered or Dispersed Casino Location Model Better?

   - Who Sets Betting Limits? Evidence from a Survey of MA Gamblers
   - Improving Customer Ratings
   - Stairway to Heaven: The Behavioral Economics of Prosperity Televangelism

For more information on my research, see my C.V. or Google Scholar profile

Most of my classes are in microeconomics. I teach the principles and intermediate microeconomics. I have also taught international trade, senior seminar, intermediate macroeconomics, and public finance.

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Doug Walker
Professor of Economics
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC, USA

Office:  427 Beatty, 5 Liberty St.
Phone: +1 843 953-8192

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